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The creators of the Internet did not realize how much they would change the world. Today, our life is almost based on the Internet and most of us use it almost every day. We make transfers, book hotels or exchange currency via the internet. But for most of us, the Internet is extremely helpful for shopping. As shown by all kinds of research, more and more often we buy various types of products without leaving home, and just via the Internet. According to the research, books and clothes are sold online, but also other products – including groceries – enjoy growing interest. So let’s think about the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.

The first advantage that the buyer says over the Internet is saving time. We do not have to waste it on commuting, on “getting” in queues, etc. Going further on the internet we have a huge selection of goods. We can choose from thousands of stores that are not only in our country but also abroad. We can thus find products that are harder to access, or those that have not yet appeared in our country. Online shopping also gives us the opportunity to save money. Often, products offered on the Internet are cheaper than those that we buy in traditional stores. It is also easier for us to find stores in which just the goods we are looking for are promotions or discounts. In addition, we can browse the chosen product and consider whether we really want to buy it. There are no intrusive sellers who want to “push” their goods at all costs, which many people do not like very much. We also have time to read the opinions of other people about the product that interests us. So as you can see the advantages of buying online is a lot and that’s why people are so eager for such purchases.

But online shopping is not only advantages but also a few drawbacks. First of all, we can not have the product bought online immediately. Usually, we have to wait a few days for him. We also can not touch or try on the purchase of goods, which is very important to many of us. We can also find unscrupulous sellers who will not send us the product despite the payment. There is also the possibility that during the transport from the store to our house the goods will be damaged, and certainly no one will be satisfied.

Of course, the disadvantages and advantages of online shopping can be even more, because each of us has different expectations and other requirements for such purchases. What is more, what is a disadvantage for one, for another it may be an advantage and vice versa. However, we should be glad that we have such an alternative to shopping and what more should we use such purchases if they suit us.

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What Does A Financial Expert Do? Deposits, Bank Accounts, Loans http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/what-does-a-financial-expert-do-deposits-bank-accounts-loans/ http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/what-does-a-financial-expert-do-deposits-bank-accounts-loans/#respond Sat, 06 Apr 2019 10:24:43 +0000 http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/what-does-a-financial-expert-do-deposits-bank-accounts-loans/

A financial expert is someone who knows the world of banking products, loans and finance perfectly. Such a person will easily assess the individual creditworthiness and help you choose the best solution in your financial situation. The expert will also help you get through all the long-lasting formalities. This is invaluable help if we have doubts about a given financial situation and choice of solutions.

A financial expert acquires his experience and knowledge for years. He usually specializes in the areas of mortgage loans, savings programs and various financial products. The expert knows how complicated the financial world is and what problems a person who does not have full knowledge in this field can face. His professional support is a guarantee of protection against taking dangerous and unfavorable decisions.

Anyone who plans to take out a mortgage should ask for help from a financial expert. Thanks to this, we will gain knowledge about the possibility of obtaining and subsequent repayment of the loan. The expert will also help select the most advantageous offer from among banks. He also offers a lot of help at the stage of arranging all formalities and filling in documents. Thanks to this, the client can be sure that someone is watching over the security of his interests. In the case when it turns out that a given client does not have sufficient creditworthiness, the expert can help in finding ways to increase it. The financial expert also helps in the selection of appropriate savings programs and will help in tailoring the offer to our capabilities and individual needs.

What does the work of a financial expert involve?

What does the work of a financial expert involve?

The work of a financial expert is primarily contact with the client. The first meeting is usually based on getting to know the financial situation of a given client and understanding his needs. At this stage, the expert learns what credit the client needs and how it can be achieved taking into account his financial capabilities. In the subsequent stages, the work is based on help in dealing with formalities and contacts with the bank.

A financial advisor in his job can afford quite a lot of flexibility and independence. However, in order for the work to bring satisfactory results, it must take care of a certain discipline. One of the most important attributes here will be the meetings calendar. Every day an expert must contact clients and arrange appointments. Sometimes they take place at the customer’s and sometimes at his own premises. Contacts with banks as well as discussions and negotiations are also everyday. The expert must prepare for each meeting, creating appropriate statements, calculations and summaries. An expert’s work also includes ongoing monitoring of financial and currency markets. It is necessary to constantly monitor changes in the offers of various banks. It is necessary to constantly participate in training, improve your knowledge and skills.

Every financial expert must be prepared for work in the office, mainly with a computer and a telephone. In many situations it is necessary to reach the customer or bank. Then a car is also necessary.

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HOW A CREDIT INFORMATION BUREAU CAN HELP US GET A LOAN http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-a-credit-information-bureau-can-help-us-get-a-loan/ http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-a-credit-information-bureau-can-help-us-get-a-loan/#respond Thu, 04 Apr 2019 10:31:00 +0000 http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-a-credit-information-bureau-can-help-us-get-a-loan/


How do you usually associate the Credit Information Bureau? As an institution that runs “black lists” of people who have or have had problems with paying off their loans. Therefore, they will not get any more because banks will be afraid to lend them money. Meanwhile, reality looks completely different. Firstly, the Credit Information Bureau maintains records for all those who have had or have a loan or loan contracted with a bank or Credit Unions. Secondly, as the institution itself says, only 10% of these registers refer to customers who have problems with timely servicing their debts. The remaining 90% of people are good banking clients and give their debts on time. Therefore, there is nothing to perceive BIK as a negative institution, moreover, we will prove in the further part of this article that thanks to it, we can get credit faster, cheaper and with smaller formalities.

What do you need the Credit Information Bureau for

What do you need the Credit Information Bureau for

Banks have always wanted to minimize their credit risk. Because thanks to this, there is a greater chance that the money borrowed will return to these institutions, of course along with interest due. This is why banks, when analyzing a loan application, calculate our creditworthiness, looking at our income, expenses, etc. However, the analysis of our financial capabilities does not always allow us to determine whether a given client will pay his debt on time.

Banks wanted to know how the claimant paid off his previous liabilities. Therefore, on the initiative of the Polish Bank Association, in 1991, the Bank Register of Clients Temporarily Not meeting the Obligations was created. However, in 1997, the Credit Information Bureau was established, which we deal with today. Currently, more than 650 institutions participate in the BIK information system, which consists of commercial banks, cooperative banks and Spółdzielcze Kasy Oszczędnościowo Kredytowe.

All these institutions provide BIK with information to clients who have loans, loans or are their guarantors. The information is about the amount of the loan, the amount of the installment, and above all about whether these installments are paid on time. From the data in the Credit Information Bureau, banks can benefit when someone applies for a loan. You can then easily check how much its current debt is (if it has one), how it is repaid, or what the repayment of earlier liabilities looked like. Thus, the bank can form opinions on the customer based on this information, which makes it much easier to take a credit decision. For if the applicant pays all his previous obligations on time, he will probably hand over new ones on time. However, if the loans were repaid with delay, it is likely that the new one will also be repaid in time.

How can we check our account at BIK Download a free report in BIK

Data in the Credit Information Bureau may be checked not only by credit and lending institutions. It turns out that every person who has a register in this institution may have access to it. All we have to do is set up an account at BIK. Each of us will have four options available during registration:

  1. statutory information – allows you to get a free report in which we can find all the information collected by BIK about us. Such a report can be obtained once every six months
  2. Credit Profile Plus – it allows you to have permanent access to your register in BIK, and we will also get access to our score,
  3. BIK Pass – it allows you to print our data in BIK or send it via e-mail
  4. BIK Alerts – this option can superbly protect us from extorting our loan name. For if a request for our data appears in BIK, we will receive information about it via SMS.

Creating an account in BIK is extremely simple. However, in order to maintain full security, we will have to verify our data. We can do it in three ways:

  1. We send a scan of our ID card to BIK and a bank account number. From this account, we make a verification transfer in the amount of PLN 1. When this amount reaches the BIK account and the data from the transfer will agree with the ones sent earlier, we will receive an SMS with the verification code, which should be entered in the User Panel.
  2. We sign the form using a qualified electronic signature. When BIK confirms the signature, we will receive a text message with the verification code to be entered into the User’s Panel.
  3. We fill out the form and ask BIK to send us a registered letter to our address, which will contain the verification code No. 1. If we enter it to the User Panel, we will receive a second code via text message, which we enter again into the User Panel.

Once our account has been created, we will be able to take full advantage of its capabilities. Why is it worth doing? Because of a few reasons. As we wrote earlier, this may save us from extorting loans to our name. Moreover, thanks to this we can assess our creditworthiness on an ongoing basis and constantly improve it. Anyone who has an open account at BIK may also monitor the amount of their obligations on an ongoing basis, their repayment dates, etc.

Why is it worth building your credit history

Why is it worth building your credit history

As we wrote at the beginning, a positive credit history can help us get a loan. If the bank sees that we use credit products and, most importantly, pay them off in a timely manner, it will certainly look at us with a “positive” eye and will credit us quickly. What’s more, people who have a high score in BIK , can negotiate interest rates or commissions, can obtain unsecured loans, and moreover their applications are dealt with faster than customers whose creditworthiness is lower. Banks also cautiously approach customers who do not have a credit history at all. They are treated in a similar way as those who pay their liabilities late. And all because the banks are not sure how this “new” client will pay his debt. That is why it is worth to start your credit history as soon as possible. We can, for example, apply for a low-limit credit card. We can buy something in the shop as part of the installment sale. We can also apply for debates to our account. Interestingly, using these products, our credit history will be created, and we will not have to pay anything for it. In the case of a credit card, we can use the interest-free period. All we need to do is use the credit card only for non-cash transactions, and we will pay all debt on time. In this case, the bank in which we have the card will not collect interest from us. In the case of installment purchases, in many cases it is a 0% loan. So no interest or commission is charged to us. Similarly, some banks do not charge interest on our debits if we do not use them.


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How to Negotiate Debts? 6 Tips to Help You Learn http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-to-negotiate-debts-6-tips-to-help-you-learn/ http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-to-negotiate-debts-6-tips-to-help-you-learn/#respond Wed, 27 Mar 2019 17:05:28 +0000 http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/how-to-negotiate-debts-6-tips-to-help-you-learn/



 Getting paid at the end of the month and still having a little money left in the wallet has become a challenge for most people these days. Faced with the financial instability that affects every country, it is natural to face moments of difficulty, starting with the accumulation of accounts. In addition, without proper care, financial problems can worsen, leaving defaulters with new alternatives to get out of the red, such as negotiating debts.

There are several factors that contribute to indebtedness, including unemployment and lack of control at the time of purchase, but there are also different ways to organize financial life and get out of debt through agreements that offer reduced interest, installments, discounts, among other negotiations.

Despite your efforts to keep the accounts up to date, is your name still dirty and your bank balance negative? So, for you to get back to quiet nights without worrying about your financial situation, check out some tips on how to negotiate debts!

Analyze your financial situation

Analyze your financial situation

Before you look for bank management, put the true financial position of your budget on paper. Remember to calculate your income, as well as the priority expenses such as health, food and housing. After doing these calculations, you will have the actual value that can be used in the tranches of the negotiation. This will make it easier to pay off the monthly installments.

Also evaluate how much you are paying interest. If you’re wrapped up in expensive credits, such as overdraft and credit card, it’s worth getting a low interest rate loan like Just.

Evaluate the conditions of the contract


Signing the negotiation agreement may seem like the end of the problems, however, before signing the agreement, you must pay attention to all clauses presented. This evaluation is important because the document may contain irregularities or information that have gone unnoticed, such as high interest rates. In this case, make sure that everything that has been talked about is registered and, in cases of additional charges, go to the Consumer Protection Bodies.

See how to trade debts in other banks

See how to trade debts in other banks

Your bank will not always offer the best payment terms, so doing market research, evaluating proposals from other institutions, can help in deciding the best investment. In general, banks are competing against each other and thus work at differentiated rates that even allow the debt to be exported if necessary.

Check the term proposed by the bank

Most of the time, lenders offer the negotiation through a larger installment. However, although the value of the parcels is smaller, depending on the stipulated amount, interest can greatly increase the total amount of the debt. It is important to calculate this value, remembering that with less installments, the debt can be paid off faster. Also, make sure the interest rate is compatible with the market average.

Attention when contacting the bank

Attention when contacting the bank

Currently, it is possible to do debt negotiation through the internet itself. However, despite the ease, the online solutions are standardized and do not offer the best proposal according to the need of the debtor. In other cases, negotiation by telephone also requires greater care, especially when storing the protocol number.

Therefore, trading in person has been the best alternative. Talking directly with your manager, it will be possible to expose the financial reality through documents, such as statements, proof of income etc., guaranteeing more chances of achieving a proportional discount.

If the agreement is denied, seek help

If the agreement is denied, seek help

If, despite your efforts to negotiate your debts, you have not been able to reach an agreement, look for Procon or the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban). These agencies serve many people who are indebted or already defaulted and can help you find the solution to your case.

Did you write down all the tips on how to negotiate debts? So if you have any questions, just leave your comment so we can continue to help you keep your finances up to date!



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Understand More About How The Real Estate Consortium Works! http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/understand-more-about-how-the-real-estate-consortium-works/ http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/understand-more-about-how-the-real-estate-consortium-works/#respond Sun, 24 Mar 2019 16:17:08 +0000 http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/understand-more-about-how-the-real-estate-consortium-works/




 Buying real estate in sight or through financing are modalities known by most people, but not everyone knows how a real estate consortium works. Totally different from the other forms, the consortium may be an option for those who have credit restrictions or for those who are not in a hurry to use the property, for example. For this, however, one must know how it works to decide whether or not it is the best choice.

Continue reading today’s post and understand more about how the real estate consortium works!

How does the real estate consortium work?

How does the real estate consortium work?

This type of modality is based on the fact that the acquisition of the property is made through the participation of people with the same objective within a group. This group is set up by an administrator and each person must pay a value known as a quota.

At the end of each month, a lottery is held in which one of the people in the group receives the property. Even after being drawn, the person must continue the payment of quotas until the end of the consortium, which only ends when everyone has their property.

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Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Basically, the real estate consortium is indicated for those who are not in a hurry to acquire the property, since the lottery can happen both in the first month and in the last one. This situation, however, can be changed if there are bidding or payment advances for extra sweepstakes.

This modality is also indicated for those who have some type of problem or restriction with traditional real estate financing, since this option tends to be less bureaucratic.

What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?

By its characteristics, this type of purchase of property has been increasingly used by those who want to acquire a new good of the type. Among the advantages, we can mention:

Minor rates

In financing, they often charge quite high interest rates and make the purchase of a property an even more expensive process. On the other hand, the consortium has only the management fee, which is usually lower than the interest charged.

Option for negatives

It is also possible to make a real estate consortium even if you have the name negative, which hardly happens with financing. So, even if you are experiencing credit difficulties, it will be possible to buy a property if you opt for this form of acquisition.

Multiple forms of contemplation

If you do not want to depend on luck alone or want to increase your chances, you can also opt for some of the many forms of contemplation. So, anyone who has money saved can make the highest bid and take the property without having to be drawn, for example.

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What are the disadvantages?

What are the disadvantages?

Not only good points is the real estate consortium, and it is also necessary to know what the disadvantages for it is possible to take a decision based. In general, the disadvantages include:

It takes time to receive good

When you finance or buy the property in cash, you can enjoy it almost immediately. With the consortium, this does not happen, and with each month that you are not contemplated, the longer you have to wait, which may entail costs.

Possibility of not receiving the property

If you do not choose the right administrator , there is the risk of running out of good. This is because if the company is not of quality, safety and excellence, there are risks that it will use the resources of the quotas in an improper way, generating damages and headaches.

Risks associated with the group

It is also important to note that if many people in the group default, you can be affected with higher shares, for example. Therefore, it is important to know what the conditions are for the group and how the default of people can affect it.

The consortium may or may not be the perfect option for you to buy your property. This decision basically depends on your goals, possibilities and financial situation. By understanding how the real estate consortium works, therefore, you will be better prepared to make the right decision.


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Business Assets http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/business-assets/ http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/business-assets/#respond Sat, 02 Mar 2019 15:47:12 +0000 http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/business-assets/


Spirited assets – What is it?

Undertakings which are required to prepare a balance sheet and annual financial statements must always report the operating assets in this context. Basically, the business assets are those goods that are attributable to a company such as a GmbH and are directly related to the business. Within the framework of the balance sheet, entrepreneurs are required to check with each asset whether it represents a business assets and what their value is.

Especially with self-employed entrepreneurs, it often happens that business assets and private assets merge. If, in the context of a balance sheet, the assets are valued and individual goods can not be clearly attributed to the necessary business assets or to the necessary private assets , then there is an option with regard to their accounting assessment. Are these not clearly attributable to goods in an objective connection to the respective operation, so there is an option that allows to evaluate this as gewillkürtes operating assets and disclosed in accordance with the balance sheet.

Beim gewillkürten Betriebsvermögen geht es darum eine Vermischung privater und betrieblicher Vermögen wahlrechtlich zu entflechten und zuzuordnen 300x200

The mandated business assets are about to disband a mix of private and corporate assets and allocate them – Fotolia.com

It is possible to create willing business assets through a comparison of the stocks , as well as through the determination of profits through income – surplus – account ( EÜR ). Entrepreneurs have much more extensive options to show assets than willing business assets, as a freelancer. In the case of freelancers , the scope of the business assets is limited by their activity. Assets may only be acquired if it clearly requires the exercise of their profession. For example, a doctor could identify a property with practice, but not an apartment building as a business asset.

Moreover, in business practice, it often happens that various goods are used both operationally and privately. If the degree of their operational use is between 10 and 50%, they can be treated as willing assets on request. A classic example of willing business assets is a car that is used as a company car both operationally and privately.

Which examples of willing business assets are common in practice?

Theoretically, any asset that can not be clearly assigned would qualify for arbitrariness. Nevertheless, in the practice of entrepreneurs and self-employed people are accumulating various business transactions, which are worth mentioning as an interesting example. These include, for example, the following facts:

facts explanation
An entrepreneur owns another property in addition to his actual business property, but this is not yet needed for expansion. The property can be accounted for as a tangible business asset, as operational use is likely to occur and private use in its turn appears equally unlikely.
In a self-occupied single-family home, an entrepreneur maintains an office, which, however, accounts for less than 10% of the total living space in terms of area. The office belongs to the private assets, since the remaining area is used almost exclusively private.
A company car is used 35% privately. On the basis of the degree of utilization , the company car can be assigned to business assets.


Which assets can be treated as a willing asset?

EStR 4.2 (1) on § 4 EStG states that

“Assets which are in a certain objective relationship with the enterprise and which are intended to promote it and are capable of (…) being treated as a willing business asset.”

An operational use of at least 10% and a maximum of 50% must be present in order to be able to treat goods as a willing business asset.

In the case of such assets, the owner is granted a right to choose whether to acquire or change the use of the asset, with which he can decide whether the asset is booked on business or comes into private wealth.
In accordance with § 8 EStDV , this option is also available in a modified form for mixed-use buildings:

“Self-used parts of land do not need to be treated as business assets if their value is not more than one-fifth of the mean value of the entire property and not more than € 20,500.”

What has to be considered in the case of private use of corporate assets?

willing business assets

For operationally only slightly used cars, the mileage allowance can be worthwhile instead of a company car.

If a self-employed person or a freelancer uses a property at least partly privately or allows his employees to use it, this usually also results in a pecuniary advantage . This can be marginal, for example, for the one-time loan of a tool, on the other hand, but also for tax purposes. This is the case for private and professional company cars , for example. In individual cases, it must therefore be checked whether private use results in a pecuniary benefit. If this can be answered in the affirmative, this must be taken into account in income tax .




Running an asset as a business asset has these consequences:

  • The costs of the asset are fully deductible and depreciable.
  • If necessary. the input tax can be deducted.
  • If the asset is sold or otherwise removed from the assets, taxes are due.

When business assets, when private assets and when willing assets?

Whether an asset belongs to the operating or private assets depends on the degree of its operational use. In accordance with the income tax guidelines, the following degrees of utilization, each with different legal consequences, can be identified:

Degree of operational use in% meaning

Usage below 10%

If the operational use is less than 10%, the property is clearly assigned to the private assets. There is no voting right for the assignment.

Usage between 10% and 50%

If the operational use is between 10% and 50%, then there is an option. An independent entrepreneur can therefore decide for himself whether he would like to attribute a good to the business assets or his private assets. If he writes it to the business assets, it is a matter of willed business assets.

Usage over 50%

If the degree of operational use is more than 50%, then there is also no right to vote. Due to the high degree of utilization, it is automatically assumed that it is a necessary business asset, which is to be valued accordingly in terms of tax and accounting.


The degree of utilization of such shared goods should be documented in a suitable manner. For example, a logbook for business and privately used company cars to meet this requirement. In the case of company cars and company cars, there is also the principle that the monetary advantage resulting from their use can no longer be compensated by means of a 1% rule . This is due to the fact that the logbook provides a complete documentation, on the basis of which the use can be accurately traced.

Incidentally, leasing vehicles are not part of the business assets as users and procurers are not the owners. However, the costs incurred for the lease may also be taken into account as an operating expense, depending on the degree of use.

What about the input tax and the input tax deduction for goods of the willed business assets?

When acquiring necessary and operating business assets, sales tax usually also applies. These can be claimed by companies in the context of the advance VAT return by means of input tax deduction . The value added tax stated in invoice amounts for maintenance, servicing and similar items can also be taken into account in the same way.

What problems can a reclassification of corporate assets to private assets entail?

If, for example, the degree of use of a car falls below the limit of 10%, this is private wealth . As a result, a reclassification is required. However, it is possible that hidden reserves have formed during the useful life. This occurs, for example, when the depreciation is greater than the actual loss in value or a good has become more valuable. The latter is possible, for example, in real estate, buildings or even a rented to employees house, which has simply gained in value over the years.

If a good no longer belongs to a willing-earning business asset and the market value is higher than the recognized net book value , this must be taxed by the entrepreneur from the business assets.

For operationally only slightly used cars, the mileage allowance can be worthwhile instead of a company car.

When is the allocation to private assets, when the better to operating assets?


Business assets or private assets? Sometimes self-employed people can choose this.

This question can not be answered flat rate . For example, in the case of mixed use of a car, the assignment to private assets may be worthwhile, as the operational use of the mileage allowance can be claimed with a logbook and private use does not have to be billed via the 1% rule.

It should also be noted that if any of the assets are sold or otherwise removed from the assets, income tax in the amount of the full current (possibly amortized) value of the item is due.
Sales from private assets are resp. § 23 EStG tax-free.


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Find a Mortgage at Attractive Rates – Real Estate http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/find-a-mortgage-at-attractive-rates-real-estate/ http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/find-a-mortgage-at-attractive-rates-real-estate/#respond Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:07:21 +0000 http://www.flexiblecouplings.co.in/find-a-mortgage-at-attractive-rates-real-estate/


Making a bank loan presents a more or less important commitment in the long term. Obviously, to take advantage of a lighter monthly payment, it is appropriate for the borrower to opt for a long period of commitment. A critique at papierkugel.org

To contract credit at a better rate: what to choose between e-banks and traditional banks?

To contract credit at a better rate: what to choose between e-banks and traditional banks?

Compared to offers offered by traditional banks operating in an agency, the pricing conditions of online establishments are more profitable. It’s not for nothing that online banking offers are attracting more and more borrowers. The very first reason for people to open an account online is mainly because the institutions on the web suggest a cheaper cost of real estate credit with a pleasantly low Annual General Effective Rate (APR). About the term of borrowing, online lending banks offer a more pleasant duration that lasts up to 25 years.

Thus, to enjoy a better mortgage rate , it would be better to move towards the services of an online bank. Not only that the latter offers a more attractive rate, but the majority of transactions are free.

Simulate your future mortgage

Simulate your future mortgage

To realize a large saving on a mortgage, it is crucial to simulate your next mortgage. Such an approach allows us to have a global and more detailed overview of our borrowing capacity and our ability to repay. The result obtained from a real estate mortgage simulation exposes us to the potential risks of debt. Therefore, simulating your loan is important and should never be taken lightly.

The simulator is a tool that directs us to the best loan that fits our profile. Because it is free, it is possible for future borrowers to perform several simulations at the same time to be able to compare several quotes at a time. In this way, it would no longer be tedious to optimize your loan for the financing of a new apartment or the apartment of your dreams. It is only by using a simulator that the debtor can assess and maintain his purchasing power, while reducing the monthly deadlines. Simulating your loan also saves brokerage fees. We no longer need to spend more to pay the fees of real estate brokers. Using the calculator, we can estimate the cost of a non-insurance monthly payment and net monthly payments.


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